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Archetti/Wiget - improvised electronic music - electroacoustic music


Luigi Archetti/Bo Wiget
Rune Grammophon / ECM Records 2001
Improvised electronic music - electroacoustic music

Luigi Archetti - guitar & electronics
Bo Wiget - cello & electronics

Luigi Archetti and Bo Wiget, a guitarist and a cello player, generally use their instruments as noise sources, avoiding the natural sounds of guitar and cello almost completely. Equipped with electronic devices and effect tools, they elegantly distort the original sounds beyond recognition. Archetti/Wiget is existing since many years and its my most constant work until today. With Luigi Archetti on guitar and electronic devices and Bo Wiget on cello and electronics.

Archetti/Wiget has made 2 CDs that are out on rune grammofon.

And Low Tide Digitals has played live on concerts/festivals in Switzerland, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium. Furthermore: Luigi Archetti and Bo Wiget are working on a dance movie called ski shop.

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