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SUB - Improvised electronic music - electroacoustic music - live


Improvised electronic music

SUB is a live performance

SUB is improvised electronic and electroacoustic music. Three musicians play while a technician projects large-format video images onto the wall, transposing the sounds into drawings.

SUB is a 'visual sound'. The simultaneous harmonizing of image, movement and sound. Aiming at different levels of perception and with the intent to differentiate, disturb and sublimate the order of perception.

Small, partially looped sequences taken from the SUBmarine world are shown between flickering, oscillating and overlapping color surfaces. The world below the normal 'see-ing horizon' is brought to the surface.


Luigi Archetti, guitars, electronics, videos
Hubl Greiner, electronics, sampling
Bo Wiget, cello, electronics
Hans X Hagen, live-visuals