Photographs by Brigitte Bauer

Landscapes and other photographs.

Brigitte Bauer’s photographic oeuvre spans more than a decade with great coherence but without the concern for system that this term sometimes calls up. Initially known for her color photographs of the Sainte-Victoire mountain, she has since pursued her reflection on the contemporary landscape through two series respectively dealing with roundabouts and the new tended green spaces in city centers or on their outskirts.

This evolution has allowed for a more subtle appreciation of her work, which might have seemed to adhere to a purely contemplative current of photography, as a result of the grandiose and majestic silhouette of the Sainte-Victoire as a leitmotif. With the roundabouts and the public parks, the dialectic sustaining her approach to landscape becomes clearer; our images of nature confronted with the modifications exerted by socio-economic mutations on the territory.

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