Gendos Chamzyryn / Tim Hodgkinson / Ken Hyder

K-Space lead singer Gendos Chamzyryn is a master shamanic musician from Tuva. And with Sainkho Namtchylak he's the top throat-singing innovator in Siberia. For this trip into shamanic trance-beat, Gendos is joined by sound-art manipulators Tim Hodgkinson - total lap guitar, beat-box and reeds. And Ken Hyder - drums, smeaze-box and deep-space vocals.

Ken Hyder is a Scottish musician improvising with players from Siberia, USA, Japan and Tibet (drums, voice, electronics, cross-cultural, jazz, improvised, folk, shamanic music, avant-stuff)

Tim Hodgkinson is a composer and performer on keyboards and reed instruments. In this essay he tackles head-on the aesthetic dilemmas posed by new musical technology - is the sampler a performance instrument? Who designs these machines? And what are the implications (or dangers) for composers and improvisers?